My Top Blog Posts of 2022

It’s that time of year when I look back to the most popular posts by views over the entire year of 2022. I’m sharing both the brand new posts I wrote this year and the evergreen posts originally written in previous years (several of which were updated this year).

My Top Blog Posts of 2022

Top 5 new blog posts of 2022

I wrote about 30 new blog posts this year and updated about 20 older posts. These are the top five new blog posts for 2022.

How to Learn about Learning Science

How do you learn about learning science? This post includes recommendations for people to follow, books to read, and other resources.

How to Learn about Learning Science

My Top 10 Tools for Learning 2022: These are my top 10 tools for learning in 2022, both professionally creating learning for others and personally for my own learning.

DEI Training and Branching Scenarios: DEI training is hard to do effectively. Creating branching scenarios for DEI training poses some challenges, but also potential solutions.

How Research Informs My Work: How research informs my work as an instructional designer, in writing, designing, and justifying my decisions. This was a follow-up post from a Twitter debate about whether and how research is relevant to the work of instructional designers and corporate training professionals.

Training with Branching Scenarios: You can do live, instructor-led training with branching scenarios using full group discussions, polls, small groups, or assignments.

Top 5 evergreen blog posts and pages by overall views

Clearly, many people worked on their portfolio this year! My post on topics for portfolio samples was viewed over 8,500 times so far this year.

30+ Ideas for eLearning Portfolio Samples

Need more samples in your portfolio? Use this list of 30+ elearning portfolio sample ideas for inspiration. I updated and expanded the list this year, so it’s actually over 40 topics now.

Screenshot of my portfolio

(On a separate note, if you’re looking for a structured process to create your portfolio and personalized guidance, I co-teach a elearning portfolio course. It’s a 5-week, non-credit course through UC-Irvine. Enrollment is still open for the session starting February 6, 2023.)

Other posts in the top 5 include practical, evergreen topics: time estimates, hourly rates and salary, and adapting resumes. The landing page for all of my storytelling and scenarios posts rounds out the top 5 by views.

Time Estimates for eLearning Development: “How long will it take to create this elearning?” It’s important to estimate the effort and time required for different tasks.

Instructional Design Hourly Rates and Salary: How much do instructional designers get paid? This post includes rates and salaries from multiple sources, updated in 2022.

Storytelling and Scenarios for Learning: A collection of over 70 posts on using storytelling and scenarios for learning. This includes a series of posts on the process of creating a branching scenario from start to finish, examples of scenarios and stories, developing with Twine, writing scenarios, creating characters, feedback and assessment, working with clients and SMEs, research, presentations, podcasts, and book reviews.

Adapting Resumes from Teaching to Instructional Design: Principles and examples for adapting resumes from teaching to instructional design so hiring managers clearly see the relevant skills

Most Valuable Post (MVP) Awards

2022 eLearning Learning MVP Awards Winner
This certificate is awarded to Christy Tucker for their article Scenarios for Boring Training Topics in the category Engaging Learners.
Date: December 12, 2022

For the past few years, eLearning Learning has been giving MVP awards for the “Most Valuable Posts” of the year in several categories. This year, I won 2nd place in the Engaging Learners category for Scenarios for Boring Learning Topics. I was also a finalist in the Other category for How Research Informs My Work. These awards aren’t based on views or social shares, but on voting by the community and the panel of judges from within the industry. Thanks to everyone who voted for my posts!

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