Podcast Interview on How I Became an ID

I had the pleasure of being interviewed by Dr. Robin Sargent for her IDOL (Instructional Design and Online Learning) podcast.

What We Discussed

  • How my experiences as a teacher translated into training and instructional design
  • Advice for tailoring your resume for ID
  • How I gained recognition in the instructional design field
  • The skills you need to become an instructional designer
  • My best tips for newbie instructional designers

You can listen here or on Apple Podcasts.

How Christy Tucker Became an IDOL

Additional Links

I discussed Liz Ryan’s approach of including dragon-slaying stories in resumes. This approach works especially well for people changing careers. It helps prospective employers connect the dots between disparate positions.

You’re just as likely to get a job if you meet 50% of the requirements as if you meet 90% of them. (I wouldn’t recommend using their paid service mentioned in their “tip” #3–but the data is interesting.) The article describes how women are more likely to avoid applying to jobs because they think they’re not qualified. This happens even though they’re actually more likely to get interviews.

Check out my posts on instructional design careers for more info. This includes the recently-updated series from 2007 mentioned in the interview.

Listen to other episodes of Robin’s IDOL podcast, including interviews with other former teachers who made the leap to ID.

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