Podcast: Instructional Design Certificate or Master’s Degree

On February 6, I had the pleasure of speaking with Luis Malbas and the TLD Community. We spoke about whether it’s better for your career to get an instructional design certificate or a master’s degree. This is part of their Certificates and Certifications playlist for February. We also talked about portfolios, as your portfolio is often as important (maybe more so) than your formal credentials.

If the podcast isn’t embedded above, check it out on the TLDCast website in Spotify, or look for episode 320 in your favorite podcast app.


This discussion was based on my post on Instructional Design Certificate or Master’s Degree, plus additional questions asked by the live audience.

  • What has more value: someone with business experience and a portfolio or someone with a master’s degree?
  • What did I look for in resumes when I was a hiring manager?
  • Can graduate certificate credits count towards a master’s degree?
  • How important is a portfolio in comparison to formal credentials?
  • What do you put in your portfolio if everything you’ve created is confidential or proprietary?
  • Is it OK to use free hosts like Wix for a portfolio?
  • How important is your own domain for your portfolio?
  • How do you verify that the person with the portfolio created it?
  • Is there a difference in how higher ed environments view graduate certificates and master’s degrees?
  • If I have a master’s degree in an unrelated discipline, is it important to get a second master’s degree in instructional design?
  • What do you look for in a graduate certificate program or master’s program?
  • How much has the value of graduate certificates changed over the last five years? Are they becoming more or less valuable?
  • Work life balance. I want to advance in my career, but I don’t want to sacrifice my family time to do it. What would be the best option?
  • What are some of the newer certifications that are most attractive to managers (either within a company or being considered for independent work)?
  • Are there particular UX design certs or educational resources (workshops, etc.) you’d recommend?
  • Where is the best place to find available ID certificate programs?
  • What’s the difference between getting a certificate from a nationally accredited versus a regionally accredited program?
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  2. Listening now! I just finished a certificate program with OSU professional and continuing education program. Looking to get some more education under my belt so definitely interested in hearing what you had to say!

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