Twine, Storytelling, Freelancing: ID Links 11/1/21

Curated links on Twine, storytelling, branching scenarios, freelancing costs, resources for new IDs, and recorded conference sessions.

As I read online, I bookmark resources I find interesting and useful. I share these links periodically here on my blog. This post includes links on Twine, storytelling, branching scenarios, freelancing costs, resources for new IDs, and recorded conference sessions.


Twine in higher ed

Lesson plans – Teaching with Twine

This post includes lesson plans for teaching students how to use Twine, either in a single 50-minute session or in two days with extra time for practicing in the tool. These plans are a few years old, so a few details have changed, but the overall structure makes sense.

Using Twine for Classroom Engagement – ACTion

This is a summary of a project at the University of Toronto using Twine to create an educational game, plus an overview of Twine.

Although Twine is a tool for creating “games”, this project goes beyond games and gamification to think creatively about how the functions of Twine can be used to create activities that allow students to more directly engage with learning content in a hands-on experiential format that may not be possible in a traditional classroom learning space.

Sankhi Liyanage in Using Twine for Classroom Engagement

Twine template

Free Twine Template | Vanya Writes

Template for Twine using SugarCube. This is a responsive theme with editable settings for fonts, colors, etc.

Storytelling and scenarios

What are the downsides to using stories for training and development? – Training Films You’d Watch at Home | Video Production for L&D | Sage Media

The version of storytelling apparently assumed as the basis of this article is when a trainer shares an anecdote or story with a moral during live training. While that’s not generally how I use storytelling in my own work, some of the issues here are relevant to elearning and interactive storytelling too. Stories should be relevant and connect to the goals of the course. You should revise your writing to polish it (although I think the note about revising dozens of times for a movie script isn’t really relevant to training–none of us have that much time for revisions, nor do we need it to be that kind of quality).

Create a Branching Scenario in 7 Steps – jamie billingham

Jamie Billingham explains her process for creating a branching scenario. She plans the structure in a mind mapping tool called Plectica and uses tables to organize content. The final product was built in Storyline. This process is a little different than mine, and it’s interesting to see someone else walk through their steps.

Freelancing costs

How much does it cost to start freelancing in instructional design?

Cara North breaks down the expenses to get started freelancing, using her actual costs plus a few alternatives. For setting up an LLC, website, hardware, software, and professional development, you can expect to spend a few thousand dollars in the first year.

So how much does it cost to start as a freelance instructional designer? My estimate is between $3000 and $5000.

Cara North in How much does it cost to start freelancing in instructional design?

Resources for new instructional designers

How to Become an Instructional Designer: The Ultimate Resource List – Scissortail Creative Services, LLC

An extensive list of curated resources for becoming an instructional designer, including blog posts, videos, books, and people to follow on Twitter. There’s a section specifically for teachers looking to transition to an ID career too. (Yes, my ID careers posts are on the list, but there’s a ton of other good stuff from other people too).

Adobe eLearning World recordings

Adobe eLearning World 2021 — Watch Session Recordings – eLearning

Recorded presentations from Adobe’s 2021 conference. In addition to Captivate-specific presentations, there’s a solid list of speakers under the heading “eLearning Basics Masterclasses”: Connie Malamed, Jane Bozarth, Ray Jimenez, Lou Russell, Sarah Mercier, and more.

Additional resources

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