Upcoming Events in April-June 2022

I have several upcoming events scheduled for the next few months, both online and in person. I’ll be speaking and teaching about scenarios.

I have several upcoming events scheduled for the next few months, both online and in person. Most of my speaking engagements are related to scenarios for learning, but I also have events on workflow learning and instructional design careers scheduled.

Learning Solutions Conference April 19-22

I’m speaking several times at the Learning Solutions Conference in Orlando. This conference is in person this year. Use code SPEAKERSHARE50 to save $50 on registration.

Learning Solutions Conference: I'm Speaking!

Workshop: Fast Tracking Your Branching Scenarios

Tuesday April 19, 8:30-4:30 EDT

This is a full-day workshop on April 19 where participants will design and develop a branching scenario practice activity in one day. Note that this is a pre-conference workshop, which requires additional fees. Check out the full details of the workshop.

If your SMEs struggle with branching scenarios, provide a functional prototype early in the process. It doesn't have to be pretty, just something to click through to show the nonlinear paths.

Morning Buzz MB15: Best Practices for Designing and Developing Scenarios

Thursday April 21, 7:30-8:15 AM EDT

This is a casual conversation where we’ll discuss tips for designing and developing scenarios. If you have a challenge and want to brainstorm some possible solutions, bring it to this session to discuss.

Session 602 Set the Stage: Make eLearning Relevant and Authentic with Scenarios

Thursday April 21, 1:00-2:00 PM EDT

In this session, you’ll learn how to create relevant and authentic scenarios to enhance your eLearning and improve performance. First, you’ll learn tips for creating characters who learners can identify with and recognize from their workplace. Next, you’ll see different techniques to “set the scene” and create an authentic context for the scenario through both language and media. You’ll learn how crafting realistic challenges and conflicts helps engage learners and drive the scenario forward. Finally, you’ll see how giving learners opportunities to make decisions with consequences in authentic scenarios helps eLearning feel immediately relevant. You’ll leave this session with an approach to weaving different aspects of scenarios together to bring your eLearning to life.

Read the full session description.

Session 809 Workflow Learning: Getting Into the Flow

Thursday April 21, 4:00-5:00 PM EDT

(Yes, that Thursday will be a long day!)

“In this panel discussion, join Mark Britz as he hosts a conversation with important voices from the learning industry who will share their tips and tricks, successes and failures, and all their thoughts on the approaches of implementing workflow learning.”

Read the full panel session description.

Instructional Design: Career Pathways and Trends in a Thriving Industry

Free Webinar: Instructional Design: Career Pathways & Trends in a Thriving Industry

Wednesday, April 27
11am-12pm (PST)

UCI Division of Continuing Education in partnership with University of San Diego

Wednesday, April 27, 11:00 AM PDT/2:00 PM EDT

This free webinar is a panel discussion with Valerie Quezada about our journeys in instructional design and career options available within the field. We’re planning to spend a significant portion of the time in this webinar answering audience questions, so this is a great webinar for those new to the field or considering a career transition to instructional design.

“Join UCI Division of Continuing Education and USD Professional and Continuing Education for a joint webinar and learn from seasoned industry experts about their pathways to success and the trends driving the industry forward.”

Learn more and register for the free webinar here

Scenarios Discussion with LDA

Wednesday, May 4, 12:00 PM EDT

Clark Quinn is hosting a series of interviews and discussions called “You Oughta Know” with experts for the Learning Development Accelerator or LDA. On May 4, I’ll speak with Clark about scenarios for learning and discuss with the audience.

This event is free to LDA members or $25 for non-members. You can register for this discussion here.

Go Beyond Boring: Creating Scenario-Based Learning that Engages Participants

I'm speaking at TICE 2022! Reserve your spot

Wednesday, June 22 3:45-4:45 EDT

I’m presenting at the Training Industry Conference & Expo in Raleigh, NC in June. This is an update of a session I’ve given before for TLDC and LSCon.

“Workplace training can be dry and boring, leaving participants disengaged. If participants can’t immediately see the connection between their training and their jobs, they won’t be motivated to complete training or to apply new skills to their jobs. Elearning can also be shallow and too focused on remembering content, without opportunities to practice new skills. Elearning often emphasizes behavioral engagement (clicking), at the expense of affective engagement (emotions and values) or cognitive engagement (effort and deep learning strategies). Using scenarios can make your elearning more engaging and relevant.”

One attendee of a past online version of this session commented, “It was excellent! Best I’ve attended in a long time!”

See you there!

I hope to see you either online or in person at one of these upcoming events!

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