ID and e-Learning Links (3/16/14)

  • Lifehacker’s list of add ons for Google Docs and Sheets. HelloFax lets you fax documents (HelloSign lets you sign them). UberConference adds an audio conference call to a Google Doc so you can talk while collaborating. There’s also an option to track changes like in Word

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  • Principles for “serious elearning”

    tags: elearning instructionaldesign

    • Provide Realistic Practice

      We will provide learners sufficient levels of realistic practice; for example, simulations, scenario-based decision making, case-based evaluations, and authentic exercises.

    • Enlist Authentic Contexts

      We will provide learners with sufficient experience in making decisions in authentic contexts.

    • Provide Realistic Consequences

      When providing performance feedback during learning, we will provide learners with a sense of the real-world consequences.

  • Cathy Moore’s checklist for strong, action-oriented e-learning. This is a list of characteristics and you identify where you are on the spectrum between action-oriented and information dump.

    tags: elearning evaluation instructionaldesign

  • Tool to collect feedback on SCORM courses. Reviewers can make comments without having to switch windows. All comments are collected in a dashboard. Cheapest plan is 1 course for $15/month, with other plans available.

    tags: elearning evaluation

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