L&D and D&D: Learning and Role Playing Games

I was invited to be part of a discussion about D&D (Dungeons and Dragons), role playing games, and learning. Luis Malbas of TLDC hosted a conversation with Matthew Piece, Jonathan Rock, and me. We discussed our experiences with paper RPGs, both as players and DMs (Dungeon Masters, the folks who run games). We talked about how games overlap with instructional design. It was a really fun, geeky conversation. We found a number of parallels between the collaborative storytelling for games and the instructional design process.

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If the video isn’t embedded above, you can watch it on YouTube or on the TLDC site.

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If a podcast is more your speed, it’s episode 368 on TLDCast.

Show notes

The show notes from the website:

Crafting experiences, Engaging Learners, building scenarios, enabling teamwork and strategic thinking – are we talking about instructional designers or dungeon masters here?

In this episode, Christy Tucker, Matt Pierce, Jonathan Rock and host Luis Malbas, gathered to talk about the similarities between role playing games and instructional design.

There’s a good amount of overlap and it’s no surprise there was lots to discuss about the similarities.

If you’re someone that’s played Dungeons and Dragons or curious about role playing games – and are looking for some inspiration or adding a new perspective to your instructional design, this could be a great episode to listen to.

L&D and D&D: Learning and Role Playing Games
5 miniatures from D&D plus 2 dice (a d20 and a d4)

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This was my third time on TLDC. It’s always such a pleasure; Luis is such a gracious and thoughtful host.

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